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Cyprus citizenship by investment

In March 2014, the Government of Cyprus adopted an amendment to the law, allowing foreign investors to obtain the citizenship of Cyprus (EU) through naturalization programs. ReLux Estates offers a unique opportunity for profitable investment in real estate and obtaining European citizenship for the main investor and members of his family.

Our company offers options for investing under the state program of naturalization:

1. Purchase of the property with guaranteed return on investment:

- The investor buys an object for the amount of 2.000.000 euros + VAT

- After the end of the minimum period (3 years from the date of obtaining the passport), the Developer guarantees a buy-back property for 2.000.000 euros or returns 1.500.000 euros to the investor + a property worth 500.000 euros which is necessary for the preservation of Cypriot citizenship

- The investor reserves the right to choose - return of investment or keeping the property

2. Investments in construction:

- Investor finance 80% of total investments

- Partner finance 20% of total investments

- A new company with a distribution of shares is specially created for the project: 80% - the Investor, 20% the Partner in proportion to the planned investments

- A new plot with the existing design and permitting documentation is acquired for the new company

- The partner performs the functions of a management company and receives a reward in the amount of 30% of the company's profit

- All remaining profit is distributed between the Investor and the Partner in the ratio of 80% to 20%, respectively

For detailed information please contact professional team of ReLux Esates.

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