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Passport of the Republic of Cyprus is ranked 14th in the rating of HENLEY & PARTNERS


In the rating of 2018, compiled by the international consulting company Henley & Partners, the Cyprus passport took the 14th place. Citizens of Cyprus can enter without a visa to 171 countries (or obtain a visa at the entrance). According to this rating, the top line went to the citizens of Japan. Owners of Japanese passports can be "visa-free" to visit 189 countries. The second place belongs to Germany and Singapore (188 countries), the third is occupied by Italy, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Sweden, France, and South Korea (187). At the last, one hundredth place, are Iraq and Afghanistan (30).

The Russians can visit 118 countries without visas. Russia is on 47th place in the list. If a citizen of the Russian Federation also has a passport of the Republic of Cyprus, then the holder of two passports is allowed to enter without visas to 186 countries. To 171 countries, which a citizen of Cyprus can enter, 15 more are added, where visa-free entry is allowed to Russians, and for citizens of Cyprus, visas are necessary: ​​Syria, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Namibia, Senegal, Guyana , Cuba, the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Nauru.

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