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Kombat tour team and Hero of Russia cosmonaut Sergei Ryazansky presents a large-scale sports project - the international online marathon “Training with the Cosmonaut 3.0” with the support of Roscosmos. The third marathon enters the orbit of the whole planet!

After the announcement of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, active preparations began for a large-scale sports project for all those who are in isolation - the international online marathon "Training with the Cosmonaut 3.0" with the support of the State Space Corporation Roscosmos.

“We decided to unite the people of the planet who were isolated. As an astronaut, I understand how important support, motivation and a positive attitude are. Especially in our time. Only together, through sports and daily achievements, we can overcome any disease, become stronger and healthier! ”Sergey Ryazansky said.

The goal of the marathon is to remotely unite and support people from all over the planet in a situation of isolation, to instill a habit of a healthy lifestyle and thoughts through regular sports, without going to public places.

The goal of the organizers is to bring together 100,000 participants worldwide - adults and children, training together with professional fitness instructions, national heroes and stars for 9 weeks.

The training with the astronaut marathon is held for the third time and for the first time wears the official international format. The first marathon was held in 2018-2019 and was timed to climb the highest point in Africa - Kilimanjaro. Then the winner of the Marathon was a resident of Belarus, the city of Mozyr. The second marathon was held in a family format and brought together more than 500 families across Russia with children aged 5 to 16 years. The winners were a family from Krasnodar. The ideological inspirer of each marathon was and remains the Hero of Russia, cosmonaut Sergei Ryazansky.

The mission of the Marathons is to promote a healthy lifestyle and thought.

Relux Estates support the guys with a great pleasure and ask all of you to help with promotion of this healthy idea in all languages.

the link to the Marathon is here:


Let’s go!

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