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Clean your pool before the summer begins.



Clean your pool before the summer begins.


Winter is slowly leaving the island, almonds begin to bloom, which means that the swimming season is not far off. It's time to check if your pool is ready for it, and, if necessary, adjust the measures for its care


The cold months are no excuse to let up on pool maintenance. Even if you extend the season

with a pool heater, you need to make sure you keep the proper chemical balance. If you don’t, it will

cost you more in products and time in the spring, and could lead to staining or damage to your

equipment or finish.


In order to properly maintain your pool during this time, you should reduce the pump operation time

from 9:00 am to dark. In addition to this, you should test the pool water at home at least once a week.

For more in-depth analysis, bring a water sample to your local Pinch a Penny store about once a month.

Here are our recommendations for water balance during the winter months:

• Chlorine. Use enough tablets and a low setting on the chlorinator to keep a reading of 2 to 4 ppm. This will provide a consistent amount of chlorine.

• pH. Maintain your pH at around 7.4. Very high pH will promote the buildup of scale, while low pH is  corrosive on the finish of most pool surfaces and equipment. Neither is good!

• Alkalinity. To help buffer your pH, keep the alkalinity normal, in the 80-120 ppm range.

• Calcium Hardness. It is still important to protect your pool surfaces and finishes in the Winter. When the calcium is too low, it can attack pool plaster resulting in staining and etching. Too high and it will lead to deposits and stains. Maintain a minimum of 200ppm.

• Conditioner/Stabilizer. Maintain at least 40 ppm to reduce UV degradation of your chlorine. The

winter sun is not as strong as the summer sun, so you can operate at the lower end of the range.


But, of course, it is always safer and more efficient to entrust your pool to professionals. We are always looking forward for your inquiries and will gladly select a qualified specialist for you.


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