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Long-term apartment rentals in Larnaca

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Long-term apartment rentals in Larnaca

Larnaca is the best town to live in during the winter season in the Mediterranean

Larnaca is a small, cozy town, with friendly local habitats, an interesting history, romantic atmosphere and a marvelous panoramic view. Larnaca is located on the southeastern part of the island. The main airport in of the country is located in Larnaca making this town more comfortable for long term living and unique in its own way. Firstly, it will take you 15 minutes to get to the airport, which is a huge benefit that saves your time, money and energy while travelling. Secondly, the airport landing strip starts at the coast of a famous Mackenzie Beach that is a “lounge area” of the city with all sorts of cafes, restaurants, taverns and beautiful beaches. This necessarily means that while resting at the Mackenzie beach and sipping a caramel frappe you can watch how huge Boeings full of happy tourists land on the coastline.

A location nearby the airport makes Larnaca an international city

On the streets and beaches of Larnaca you can meet a variety of travelers from all over the world, who come here throughout the whole year for business or leisure purposes or moved for permanent living. On the streets of Larnaca there are many shops and stalls selling goods from foreign countries. Famous artists come to this town from all over the world come regularly with shows and performances.

 Apparently Larnaca offers the greatest variety of international cuisines out of all towns in Cyprus. Despite such international atmosphere all the citizens remained the welcoming hospitality the life here is harmonious and safe.

The airport is by far not the only benefit of Larnaca

According to the legend, this town was created by Noah’s descendants and named after a dear friend of Jesus – St. Lazarus, who lived here for his whole life, after being resurrected. A famous church of St. Lazarus was built here in a memory of him where his relics are safely preserved up until now. There are also two famous mosques that are here from the era of the Turkish yoke. The ruins of the old town were built at the beginning of our era. Despite the fact that there are plenty of contemporary buildings today in Larnaca it is still more of a province than a metropolitan city.

To rent an apartment in Larnaca for a long period is simple and easy

There is a great variety of offers according to any preferences and most importantly budget. You can rent an apartment on the front with beautiful views on the port of Larnaca that once was the main one of the island. This will enable you to watch international ships from abroad that arrive here daily and stay for days and weeks. You can have walk along the Finikoudes Promenade with long thin palm trees along the coast, which is probably the most favorite place of all the permanent residents and tourists. If you prefer to stay as far as possible from all the tourist spots you can delve yourself into the city. Most of the houses and apartments in Larnaca are spacious, often quite, newly built and have reasonable prices. In case you decide to sign a long term agreement (which is usually per year) it will cost you much less.

Larnaca is known as one of the simplest and cheapest towns in Cyprus

Although this does not mean that you will not be able to obtain here all the essential services. Through our website you can rent a car or a boat, find babysitters, personal trainers, drivers, cooks and any other essential personnel for the house keeping. In comparison with all the other major cities of the island, Larnaca may be smaller and quieter, but equally interesting and entertaining for life.

Why renting a property in Larnaca for a long term:

  1. Larnaca is ideal if you have a limited budget for renting; 
  2. Traveling becomes so easy and convenient when you live 15 minutes away from the airport In terms of distance Larnaca is equally located from two “capitals” of Cyprus – a business and student centre Nicosia and a tourist one - Limassol; 
  3. Staying so close to the airport will make you the best host as you will spend half an hour only to meet them; 
  4. New ships constantly arrive to the port of Larnaca and all local taverns always serve fresh fish and seafood; 
  5. By renting a property in Larnaca, you can save a great amount of money, which can be spend on travelling for a example.

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