Healthcare in Cyprus

Due to its superior healthcare system, Cyprus is quickly becoming a top choice for expats. Under the umbrella of the Universal Health System (GeSY), several community hospitals and medical facilities are now in operation. But there are also several private health insurance plans available for consumers who desire full medical care for themselves and their families. As a result, both locals and visitors to Cyprus may get high-quality medical treatment.

This page will give you information about the quality of healthcare, how to get medical services, and what to anticipate from the nation's health insurance system so that you are well-informed on the healthcare system in Cyprus.

In Cyprus, is healthcare free?

In Cyprus, healthcare is not free. According to the new General Healthcare System in Cyprus, co-payments—or out-of-pocket fees made by patients—and the government pay for health insurance. any EU citizens, Cypriot nationals, and any other legitimate and long-term inhabitants of Cyprus are eligible for this.

Patients may be forced to make co-payments under Cyprus's healthcare system for specific medical procedures. A prescription medication or medical item, for instance, may cost no more than €1, but a visit to a specialist with a recommendation from your GP might run you about €6.

Cyprus's Healthcare System's Quality

In comparison with other countries in the EU and the US, Cyprus' healthcare system scores highly due to its well-trained medical staff and cutting-edge facilities. With numerous government-run clinics and hospitals in the majority of big towns and rural regions, public primary care is widely available and accessible.

Everything an expat needs to know about the healthcare system in Cyprus

Cyprus's public health system

Cyprus's public healthcare system is run by the government and supported by taxes and mandated social welfare payments. A network of institutions, including five district hospitals, three small rural hospitals, one pediatric/gynecological hospital, 38 health clinics, and 230 sub-centers served by a traveling medical team, provides public healthcare services.

General practitioners can be accessed through the public healthcare system with just your European Health Insurance Card and a valid ID. However, you need a recommendation from your primary care physician to see a specialist.

Cyprus's private healthcareCyprus' top-notch private healthcare system is favored by foreigners who want to bypass lengthy waiting periods for medical services. Most people seek comprehensive hospital and medical insurance.

You have two options: international private medical insurance or local private medical insurance, depending on your requirements and financial position.

The cost of international coverage is more but it provides full protection and a larger variety of treatment alternatives. Although local service is often less expensive, it has a smaller coverage area. It is crucial to understand that these choices have a price; they are not gratuitous services like Cyprus's public healthcare system.

Cyprus's Social Insurance

Everyone in Cyprus has access to healthcare and other social benefits thanks to the Social Insurance Scheme. It is required for both employees and independent contractors, and contributions are deducted from employees, insured individuals, and the government as a proportion of insurable wages. For people who want to continue receiving coverage after their mandatory insurance period has ended or for foreign employees hired by Cypriot businesses, additional optional insurance is offered.

Drugstores in Cyprus

By the year 2023, there will be about 500 pharmacies and chemists operating, making it simple for people to obtain medical supplies and other basic healthcare necessities. Pharmacy hours normally range from 8:00 to 13:30 and 15:00 to 18:30 in the winter and 8:00 to 13:30 and 16:00 to 19:30 in the summer, depending on the time of year. Pharmacy operating hours are from 8:00 to 13:30 on Wednesdays and Saturdays, while they are closed on Sundays. Additionally, there are night pharmacies all around the nation that are open from 8:00 until 22:00 or 23:00 for emergencies.

Cyprus's medical emergency

In an emergency in Cyprus, get in touch with the appropriate authorities right away. Call 199 or 112, which is the same number for the fire department, police department, and ambulance service. It's also vital to know that, even though Greek is Cyprus' official language, all emergency workers there speak English on the phone as a matter of course.

I'm coming from a European nation to Cyprus. Can I Get a Free Visit to a Public Hospital?

With proper identification and a European Health Insurance Card, visitors from another European nation can visit a public hospital in Cyprus. At state healthcare facilities, general practitioners are available to you without charge. But be aware that there is frequently a modest basic price for treatment as well as additional fees for X-rays, lab testing, and other diagnostics.

My European Insurance Card is present. Should I also get private health insurance?

If necessary, a European Insurance Card (EHIC or GHIC) provides access to the same medical services available to any citizen of Cyprus. However, having private medical insurance in addition to this card may be advantageous since it allows for speedier access to treatments and may cover therapies that are not covered by public services.

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