Relux Estates offers a full range of services for both property owners and landlords alike, who can be confident that their properties are in safe hands. Opting for a Property Management Company to oversee the care and maintenance of your property is the right decision as it will not only guarantee that your property will be kept in good order but it will ensure that you will profit from rentals too.

Effective management of real estate in Cyprus can increase rental profit by 6-7% per annum.

Defining a Property Management Agreement | Bremer Whyte Brown & O'Meara

Property management includes marketing and advertising your property to find the right tenants, preparing your property to reach rental potential, creating reports with indications of profitability, security of the property, and property maintenance. By signing with a professional property management company, the owner of the property not only avoids problems associated with the managing of their property but also saves time and money. We also offer services such as repairs and any necessary furniture or hardware purchases ready for new tenancy leases.

Fees are calculated according to the selected services, tailored to the landlord’s requirements, and in each case created in the contract with the owner of real estate.

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