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Specializing in all aspects of property conveyances and settlement services, Relux Estates offers an extensive range of services coupled with expertise in related legislation and in-house services which remain at the client’s disposal throughout the buying process. With expertise in the transfer of the legal title of property from one entity to another and in all steps of a conveyancing transaction, Relux Estates offers services right up to the completion of the transaction.

Our services are fully designed to ensure that the buyer secures the title to the property in question together with all the rights appertaining to the property. Our clients can rest assured that all necessary steps are followed and thoroughly examined so as to acquire full ownership of the property. Our professional staff carries out the required tasks with due diligence to verify full title ownership, ensuring confirmation of all information relating to the property and offering highly expert advice and detailed records of all issues in question.

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The conveyancing practice terminates upon accomplishment of the transaction, at which time the transfer of the property’s legal ownership from the seller to the buyer takes place together with the transfer of the legal rights and responsibilities associated with the property and the issuance of Title Deeds bearing the name of the buyer.

Our services include:

  • Verification that the person selling the property is the legal, registered owner
  • Verification that the property is not affected by any existing town planning proposal
  • Advising clients about the zoning of the area, the building exposure, and solidity
  • Verification that the property is free from any encumbrances, claims or impediments, or any other prohibitions
  • Advice on the purchases of any probable risks in relation to the transaction and on the necessary steps that may be taken to protect the client’s interests
  • Confirmation that the seller is in a position to deliver the title of the property, free of any burdens
  • Drafting and completing all contracts relevant to the transaction
  • Organizing and executing on behalf of the client, all necessary steps up to completion
  • Offering all legal advice necessary to perform the transaction
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