Limassol to Boast Cyprus' Tallest Building: A Landmark in the Making

The ambitious Aura project, poised to be Cyprus's tallest structure at 181.5 metres boasting 44 floors, has secured permission for its construction along the Limassol coast. Nonetheless, its approval has not been without contention and intense discussions among the city's municipal factions.

Disputes first arose over the proposed tower's dimensions and the plot's appropriateness for a project of this magnitude. These issues led to a conclusive procedural decision by the Limassol City Council, confirming the Council of Ministers' authorization to merge subsurface public areas to support the venture.

The landowners, whose property lies just past a public road, sought to expand their land to maximize the building density. Complying with this request, the Council of Ministers allowed utilization of an underground pathway to combine subterranean areas for building purposes, a decision backed by the Limassol City Council's majority but opposed by factions such as AKEL and EDEK.

Deliberated since December 2019, the project has consistently received approvals despite resistance from officials, including Mayor Nicos Nicolaides. To offset concerns, the local government has brokered deals for public amenities such as a square, park, cultural centre, and subterranean parking facilities.

Critics like Michalis Sokratous from AKEL and Michalis Vasiliou from DISY have voiced apprehensions regarding the project's economic viability, ecological footprint, and general suitability. Sokratous has decried the concentration of high rises under current economic strains, while Vasiliou has cast doubt on the high-rise’s fit within the limited space, citing possible adverse effects.

Acknowledging the democratic process, Mayor Nicolaides, who was originally against the proposal, validated the Council’s verdict. Costas Yiallouros, the DISY municipal group leader, argued in favor of the project, emphasizing prudent decision-making amid economic adversity and thorough checks by involved departments.

Foregrounding comfort and enhancement of the existing urban space, the Aura project—envisioned by Foster + Partners—strives to become a state-of-the-art, environmentally mindful tower that blends into Limassol's cityscape. It will stand atop an urban park, ensuring open, scenic interactions with the seafront and improved airiness and natural illumination.

Nonetheless, the go-ahead of the Aura project continues to provoke debate surrounding its ultimate impact on Limassol's skyline, modern infrastructure, and the broader issues of urban planning, fiscal strategy, and sustainability.

Photo credit: AKT II.

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Limassol to Boast Cyprus' Tallest Building: A Landmark in the Making


Limassol to Boast Cyprus' Tallest Building: A Landmark in the Making


Limassol to Boast Cyprus' Tallest Building: A Landmark in the Making
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