Temporary Residency

Holders of passports from countries outside the European Union can prolong their stay in Cyprus for up to three months (90 days) with the use of a temporary residency permit known as a "Pink Slip." No matter how long their initial visa was valid, it will also make it possible for tourists and visitors to prolong their stay. They ought to apply before their present visa expires.

Overview of the Cyprus temporary residency permit

In Cyprus, a pink slip has a one-year expiration date and can be renewed annually. A person is permitted to reside in Cyprus with this permission as a guest (without the ability to work). Additionally, he might receive the pink slip as a dependent if he has children under the age of 18 and his spouse. Every member of the family applies at the same time, receives a temporary residency card, and fills out a separate application form.

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Limits on Pink Slips

  • Cannot constantly leave Cyprus for longer than three months, otherwise, the permission will be suspended.
  • No employment rights in Cyprus
  • It is exclusively given to non-EU citizens who want to stay in Cyprus longer.
  • Valid for a year and renewable each year

Pink Slip specifications

The primary requirements for this kind of permit eligibility are as follows:

  • a sufficient amount of money coming in from overseas to pay living costs while residing in Cyprus (between €25,000 and €30,000 for a household of three).
  • purchased or leased a home or apartment

Processed applications time

  • Obtaining a Cyprus Residence Permit Card takes around three months.
  • Once requested, one may remain until receiving a temporary residency permission card.

Required Documentation

  • Completed MVIS5 application for a temporary residency permit in Cyprus as a guest
  • One for each relative.
  • Agreement for the purchase or rental of a home or apartment
  • The lease must be for a minimum of one year, and a copy of it must be certified by Muhtar or another certifying officer and stamped at the tax office.
  • Bank statement and evidence of international transfer
  • Deposit or deposit $24,000 into a bank account in Cyprus; this money must come from outside the country. Cash brought in must be disclosed at the airport upon arrival and the confirmation certificate must be obtained. 
  • If transferring money by bank, one needs immediate action or confirmation from the bank in Cyprus that the money was sent from outside.
  • For the spouse and each kid, this sum is raised by 20% and 15%, respectively.
  • Bank guarantee. Create a bank guarantee in a Cyprus-based bank, one for every member of the family.
  • Health insurance
  • Medical examinations (only required for the initial permit; not required for renewals). 
  • These blood tests, which are carried out in Cyprus, demonstrate that the applicant is free of the following conditions: syphilis, hepatitis B and C, and HIV a TB report from a chest X-ray with an authorized doctor's stamp.
  • Passport copy 
  • Properly certified and translated marriage certificate 
  • Properly certified and translated children's birth certificates
  • Confirmation of a child's enrollment in school 
  • Criminal Record from the country of origin or residency
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