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Long term rental of the property in Nicosia

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Long term rental of the property in Nicosia

Life in Nicosia – in other words is life on two sides

Firstly, Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, one of the oldest cities in the world with well-preserved history. At the same time, it is a modern business city in Europe: bright, southern, with a rich cultural life and great prospects. Secondly, Nicosia is the world's capital of simultaneity two states. Right in the middle of the city stretches the border between the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus - Turkish side of the island. There are still fresh memories of the war and some of the houses still store traces of bullets. However, you can easily cross the border to the other side, take a walk, visit local markets or have a visit at the northern beaches of the island without any problems. As an advice, never ask, for a Turkish coffee on the Greek side. It sound like an insult. After all, despite the identical cuisine recipes, Greek Cypriots only drink Cypriot coffee.

Capital city life

Nicosia is not any different from all other usual European capitals. The city is large enough have one third of the whole population of Cyprus. There are students from all over the world studying in the universities of Nicosia, plenty of concert stages with tours from all around the world. Various festivals and exhibitions take place in Nicosia, many clubs host European level parties. The streets are full of history, legends, local markets, local family manufactories. All - in the best tradition of good old Europe, across the island.

To rent a property in Nicosia, you need to carefully study the market

In order to find the right property for rent in Nicosia, there is a need to do a detailed research of the real estate market

Just like in any capital, your life in Nicosia strongly depends on the area of residence. The historical center where an eternal cycle of events is constantly taking a place for example is always prominent for the citizens of Nicosia and hardly ever causes any doubts. In case you prefer a quiet, green zone for your habitat, than it is better to consult the agent in order to make a right choice. Our experts can pick the best for you considering all your requirements and preferences. In addition, you will be offered to sign long-term lease contract, as it greatly affects the cost of the rental property.  The annual rental price for property will cost twice cheaper than renting a property for short term. Therefore, we treat with great concern every request, so that you never have deal with anything on your own.

Rent an apartment, house or villa in Nicosia

Properties for rent in Nicosia are constantly updated. The real estate market is very active like in any capital. Apart from the apartments located in the centre, there are also many options available for rent located just 15 minutes outside the city centre. If you are looking for a cozy house with big garden area and a swimming pool (in Nicosia, there are no direct access to the sea), then villas located in the villages nearby Nicosia may be ideal for you. These villas are usually very spacious and are suitable for big families or groups of friends.

 The reasons why it is a good option to rent a property in Nicosia for a long term: 

1. The capital of the island lives an active life and is full of business people, artists and students 

2. During the hottest months of the year (April to November), the temperature in Nicosia is much lower than in all other cities of the island 

3. Because Nicosia has no direct access to the sea, getting away to one of the closest beaches will turn your road journey into a small vacation 

4. About half an hour drive away from Nicosia to one side there is an international airport and half an hour drive to the other side direction there is one of the best European resorts Ayia Napa 

5. There is always an option to rent an apartment in Nicosia on the Greek or Turkish side. In any case, the prices will be much lower than in the resort areas of the coast.

Attractions in Nicosia

  • Laiki Geitonia;
  • Restored pedestrian area within the walled city. This street is full of traditional houses, shops and galleries all restored as typical examples of Cypriot urban architecture;
  • St John's Cathedral (Agios Ioannis) covered in frescoes, churches built in the Byzantine style and a fascinating Selimiye Mosque;
  • Ancient forts, walls of the Middle Ages, fortified gates, which are recognized as the best restored sites of antiquity in Europe;
  • A local market where you can find spices, utensils and linens;
  • There are plenty of museums as Cyprus Museum, Folk Art Museum, Byzantine Museum and Art Galleries.

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